Ok folks, we have reached thirty days.

Many, many  primers, lotions, serums, and potions have made their way into my empties drawer. At times I was moisturized, at times I was horrified. It’s been an adventure. We’ve reach the end of the month, and yet, what do I see? A bag of samples. Hmmmm. Ok. So I guess we’re doing Sample October. I can’t very well throw out the samples at this point, and I can’t store them either, they need to get used! I am resolved to keep going until…. it’s over. Until then, watch for updates and photos of my daily adventures!


SS Day 23- Smashbox, Givenchy & Philosophy

Givenchy’s Very Irrisistible , somehow, was. I thought I would love it, with notes of roses, verbena and anise, but The roses were overpowered by sweet. On my skin, it was sticky, honey smelling sweet, almost pungent. It’s funny because I’ve smelled this on other women and liked it, but it didn’t work for me. Pheromones are weird.

I’m almost done with this sample of Philosophy’s take a deep breath daily moisturizer. I like the consistency and how this applies very much. It feels really nice on the skin, but it wasn’t enough moisture for my skin. If you have oiler skin, this may be a great option for you.

Finally I used the Smashbox Photofinish primer. My makeup applies well over it, and stayed pretty well intact all day. I did however use a doublewear foundation and Urban Decay’s All Nighter to set my makeup. Bad beauty blogger, I know. Next time I’ll skip the unknown variables:/

Caudalie Heaven!

Aaahhhh…Caudalie. You make me so happy:)

I placed an order for the Caudalie Favorites
last week, which included th Deep Cleansing Exfloiator (60ml), the Instant Foaming Cleanser ( (50ml), the Hand and Nail Cream ( 75ml) and of course, the Beauty Elixer ( 30ml). 

I was delighted to find that Caudalie had sent me 3 deluxe samples and 3 small samples along with my order!

The smaller samples I used today of course! The s.o.s. Thirst Quenching Serum and the Vinosource Creme Sorbet. All I can say is….wow. Wow. These are a true delight! The aroma they have in herbal without being overpowering. They smell like a spa. If you don’t care for fragrance, Caudalie might not be for you, but if you love the herbal scents, you’ll love this range.

They feel at the same time deeply moisturizing and luxurious and also light and smooth on the skin. This is skincare done well, for sure.  I also used the Pulpe Vitaminee ( eye & lip cream ) and it’s magical. Caudalie definately has my number. These little gems made Sample September a treat today!

The deluxe samples the included are the Vinexpert Night Infusion Cream (10ml), Firming Serum ( 7ml) and the Radiance Day Fluid ( 10ml) 

I am having a true love affair with Caudalie right now, so this delivery made my day I had to share it! For 35.00- this was well worth it! If you’ve never tried Caudalie but have been wanting to, getting the Favorites package for 35.00 along with all the samples they send is a great way to get a feel for the brand. So far, I am in love!

SS Day 18- Estee Lauder, Dermablend & Prada

Hmm. Today was kind of a dud for me. Let’s start with the Estee Lauder Daywear moisturizer. It was too much for me. My skin felt much too slick and it went on more like a nightcream. If you have very dry skin, this might work, but for me it was a bit of a disaster!

The Dermablend Primer was a miss for me as well. It’s a pigment correcting primer, and supposed to over time reduce pigmentation and even out skin tone. This sample was barely enough for one application, so I don’t even have a few days to get a better feel for the product. Plus the packaging was double lined thin aluminum and plastic, so I could barely get it out! As you can see I destroyed the package! 

FragranceNet describes Prada Infusion D’Iris

Prada Infusion D’Iris is an elegant perfume that is sure to accent your natural fragrance. Prada introduced this elegant perfume for women in 2007. With notes of mandarin, cedar, iris, benzoin, and orange, this scent is subtle and mature, making it ideal for many casual occasions. The scent is sure to appeal to those around you, and it won’t overwhelm your senses with strong or obtrusive notes. Simply spritz the scent on and enjoy the long-lasting scent.

While  I didn’t mind this scent, I didn’t like it either. For me it wore a little too mature, and it didn’t last very long. I like Prada’s other fragrances alot, but this was not well suited for me. Aw, well.

SS Day 12- No Makeup Makeup


Today I was feeling lazy. I didn’t put much makeup on at all, really. These items and a stain on my lips/cheeks and mascara. I didn’t even fill in my brows! Some days I just can’t be bothered.

The Kinerase cream I was really excited to use, and it’s was just ok, it didn’t wow me. It smells like eraser. Pure eraser, no kidding. It was a nice enough cream- it comes out pretty thick and takes a fair amount of rubbing to work it into the skin. After it’s in, I did notice a little firming! While I appreciate this, the scent of it is really off-putting to me and I wouldn’t purchase it on that basis.

The Perricone “No Foundation Foundation” spf 30- they really mean that!  This is a barely there fluid!! It comes out thin and darker ( oranger) than I expected, but it’s so thin that it gives just the slightest glow. You really have to be having a good skin day for this, but if you are, it’s nice. It feels like nothing and looks like nothing, and it really gives a subtle warmth and glow to the skin. This is seriously undetectable. I feel like this is a supermodels-only product:) Luckily that day I didn’t want much! I think this would also be useful if you are sick and don’t feel like wearing makeup, and just improve your skin a tad.

SS Day 11- Perfect Skin

Ok- so I vowed I wouldn’t completely screw up my skin while doing this- which means it needed a few days of “normal” to calm down:) We’re back in!

This morning I used the Caudalie Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid spf 15.  It’s a slightly pinky-yellow color and smells of lemon citrus and fresh herbs, which was really nice in the morning. I liked this fluid, it was just the right amount of moisture for me and it felt very very nice on my skin. I may purchase this when I’m through with what I have going or if I have the Caudalie splash out that I’m secretly planning in my mind…

Again I used the Urban Decay Naked Skin in 3.0, and I liked it just as much. It’s very buildable and the coverage and finish is so natural – this is a great everyday office foundation.

Under it I used Laura Gellar’s Spackle primer. I did notice that my makeup lasted longer and looked more polished throughout the day- but I have been out of the habit of using a primer at all so it could just be the difference between no primer vs primer. I liked it- it worked, and I liked the consistency- less silicone-y than others I’ve tried.

Lastly, I have been wearing Gucci’s Flora. This is a light, sweet fragrance thats different from my typical choice. It’s heavy on violet notes, which normally I’d like ( in it’s purest form I love violet ) but this is a little toooo sweet and drowns the pureness of the violet. It’s not offensive, but it’s not something I’d buy either. It might be prettier on someone else’s skin.

SS Day 5 Lancome, Missha & UD Naked Skin

So today’s samples were all about face makeup. I used the Missha BB cream as a base/moisturizer and used Urban Decay’s Naked Skin in #3 to add a little bit more coverage where I needed it. Then I used a product from Lancome Renergie Lift Multi-Action Eye. It is a dual product that is part eye cream/ part concealer. Lancome describes it:

 “For a complete rejuvenating routine, discover our perfect partners for super-lifted skin. Experience a flawless complexion and a 12-hour lifting effect with Rénergie Lift Make-up. Together with Rénergie Lift Multi-Action dayand eye creams, it is the ultimate lifting effect for younger-looking skin”

The eye cream included was on the thicker side and absorbed nicely. The concealer included was interesting…it looks like this

I’m not accustomed to using a solid concealer,  I use liquid, thinner formulas mostly underneath my eyes, so this was very different. The color was about right for me, although I wish it had slightly more salmon to counteract my coloring. The consistency is solid, but when you use your finger it warms and becomes thinner. I used my finger to both apply and blend this out, and I think it worked fine. The number one thing I love in a undereye concealer is a formula that doesn’t cake or crease, and this was thin enough to not do those things. I’m going to use this as my concealer for Sept since there is so much product!* UPDATE!! Turns out the “concealer” is actually an undereye brightener- and is meant to be used underneath a concealer. For that purpose- it works amazing! Loving it!*

The Missha BB cream was pretty typical. It had a pretty light grey cast at first and then oxidized to slightly lighter than my coloring. I did have to use a smidge more bronzer:) I think this bb cream would be suitable for oilier skin types, it sets pretty demi-matte and doesn’t get greasy throughout the day- yay!!

Th Urban Decay Naked skin I used to give a bit more coverage around my nose and chin, although I don’t feel that I can give a great impression of it as a foundation as I used it over a bb cream- tomorrow I will use it as foundation and see what I think!

SS Day 3- Moisture Madness

Today was the last day I got use out of the Clinique eye cream…sigh. I will miss it until I can get my hands on a full size:( 

I also used the Biolage Matrix EquisiteOil that I received in my August Glossybox. This oil is light in texture and feels to me similar to a silicone based face primer, it’s very slippy and feels like it’s sitting on top of my hair, not penetrating and moisturizing the hair. It does add a nice weightless shine, so if your hair is in better condition I can see how this would be a nice finishing glossy oil. For me, it doesn’t quite cut it.

I used The Ole Hendrickson Truth Serum Vitamin C Facial Serum. It doesn’t sink in to the skin as much as my Avalon Organics Vit C serum does, but it was still nice. I’m not sure I can really speak to the benefits or qulaity of  this serum at this point, I will keep using it throughout the month and see what effects I see in my skin, although I will say that I noticed benefits with my Avalon serum after only a few days, so that is what I will be comparing this to.

ALESSANDRO INTERNATIONALPEDIX HEEL RESCUE BALM- I had just a tad left from my July box and used this up, I loved it. It’s a cream-gel formula, so it feels soooo good and then sinks in and doesn’t leave the feet slippy or greasy feeling. I hate having dry feet, but I also hate having greasy feet and collecting dust when I wear sandals, so this balm is excellent. I may purchase this next spring when it comes time for sandals again!

Sample September Day Two- Honey Moon Gel and Eye Cream Heaven!

Today I used a new addition to my sample collection, which came in my glossybox this month. It’s called Touch in Sol feel like honeymoon skin base- all in one moisturizer & makeup base for all skin types. Hmm. This one interested me alot, although seems slightly …too good to be true? It comes off as sort of a hair gel like consistency, which sort of threw me at first, obviously. I did have to do a fair amount of rubbing in to work this into my skin. I might have used too much:) After it dries and settled into my skin, the finish isn’t sticky at all , it’s almost powdery. I think my makeup will apply nicely over this, I will let you know how it wears throughout the day:)

*UPDATE* This honeymoon gel did not agree with me- it wasn’t moisture enough at all- although applying it over a moisturizer becomes too much:( Not a product for me!

The Clinique Repairwear intensive eye cream is lovely. After a few days of using this day and night, I am in LOVE. My eyes drink this up. I may purchase this even before I use up my Clarins eye cream is gone, my eyes deserve it! I also find that even in the few days with this intensive cream, my fine lines under my eyes are diminished! Yay!!!