Product Rave: Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind- Brightener

I have been a quest for a holy grail under eye concealer for…dare I say it, 15 years?  I have tried so. many. products claiming to erase dark circles, and mostly I ended up with gray under eyes, orange under eyes, or just cakey madness with a white half moons under my eyes. 

It’s taken me a long time to understand what works for me and my skin tone, and that, for me, is pink with a violet undertone. I have cool toned skin that leans pink, and most of the time I wear yellow based powders and such to counteract my tone and get it more neutral. I had always figured that I should do the same with my concealer, go yellow- based and use the salmon more corrector type shades.

Until…my friend Melissa recommended a Radiant pen liquid concealer called Dream Lumi from Maybelline. The pink brightens and brings light to the under eye, its amazing. I thought I was done searching, and then I found this- Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in the shade- Brightener. Essentially its the same concept as my Dream Lumi pen, but you get 4x more product ( for a 1$ more). I know I like the formula, so I gave it a shot. 

My goodness. I could never be without it. It’s thin, easy to blend into the skin, doesn’t cake, doesn’t crease, stays put, brightens my under eyes in one step and its $8.99. 🙂 

As if all that wasn’t news enough for cheering, it also has a de-puffing agent and antioxidants that are an actual treatment for my undereye circle to diminsh them over time and smooth fine lines.

I love the ease of only having to use one product, I love being able to rely on it even when my circles are bad, I love the price, I love everything about it. I had to share this with you all, I made a video about it today which I will link below. 

Also, FYI, it comes in a variety of regular concealer type shades, a brightener and a neutralizer. So depending on your skin tone, you should be able to find a shade that will work. I highly recommend trying one of these out! Let me know if you do!

Here is a link to my YT video rave about it:


Elemis Skincare

I have a long, long standing love affair with Elemis Skincare.  In my expereience, it’s one of the most refined and effective brands on the market. The range is exquisite- and includes many products that aren’t put out by most brands. I love their innovation, and how devoted they are to using pure, first extracts and utilizing natural ingredients to get results in the skin. I’ve used a variety of their products throughout the years, starting when my long time bff became a  esthetician at one of their spas. She generously introduced me to many gems- here I’ll introduce you to my top picks. **Note** I recommend purchasing Elemis thru, where there is generally a 20% off coupon you can find on the Ebates site:)

First, and priciest are the Cellular Recovery Capsules at 105.00. The capsules are Rose extract on one side, Lavender on the other. The Rose is to be used in the morning, Lavender at night. The oil is thick and smells sooooo wonderful. There aromatherapy alone makes the capsules worth the money.  The oil absorbs into the skin and is concentrated with antioxidants. Aside from the ritual of these oils, they dramatically make a difference in my skin. Every time I use them after taking long breaks over the years, I’m surprised by how healthy, hydrated, and glowing my skin is.  They really work, and if you can spurge on them- do it you will not regret it!

Coming in close second is The Tri Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash, 47.00

This gentle cleanser does exactly what it says- resurfaces.  Over time the skin is better toned, pores are smaller. This cleanser lets me where less makeup, which is is wonderful. Makeup on the skin is always, always better when its a choice, not an obligation. When I was using this, my makeup also applied so much better. Good skin is the ultimate in beauty. This cleanser is magical and it’s coming back into my life via FedEx as I type this.  One last thing! One of the BEST things about this cleanser is that it takes off any eye makeup and does not irritate the eyes- I  can’t wait for this to arrive, recapping this is making me so excited!

A few more lovelies in the range that are worth mentioning ( and trying) are the oh-so-famous Pro Collagen Marine Cream – while I’ve tried it and loved it, I think I’ll wait ten more years before I get into spending 205.oo on a face cream:) If you have the money and are interested, I’d get a starter set with the cream to try it, it’s very, very nice.

Another few of my loves at the Frangipani Manoi Moisture Melt, 50.00. A solid oil that melts if you run the beautiful red glass bottle under hot water. The oil smells like a Hawaiian Spa, and moisturizes the skin like no other. I used this on my wedding day. It’s also a wonderful bathtub addition.

One last bath treat is the Skin Nourishing Milk Bath

This is excellent for winter and on dry skin, It’s such a gentle fragrance and is so luxurious and really made me feel like I was in a spa. This is a splurge at 70.00, but it comes in many of their sets in smaller sizes and for less. 

There are so many other lovely items from Elemis that I love, but this post is long enough! Have you ever tried anything from the brand?

My Holy Grail Mascara- Jordana Best Lash Extreme

I am a mascara girl. Although technically, I am a foundation and blush girl too:) I have always always been enamored with eyelashes as part of my makeup look and I truly can say I NEVER go out without mascara. It’s Serious.

Needless to say, I have tried …probably around 40 types of mascara in my day, both high end and drugstore. Before last year, my all time favorites were Lancome’s Definicils and Lorel’s Telescopic mascara. I like to have a buildable semi-dry formula that gives volume and length, separates every lash, doesn’t clump, and lasts all day without flaking and then comes off easily at the end of the day. It’s a tall order.

I found Jordana Best Lash Extreme on a whim at Walgreens looking for a Prestige Mascara, and I have never looked back. It does everything I listed above and it’s …..2.99. Yes. Walgreens girl, go try it.