I’m Emily!

I’m Emily!

I’m 29, graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Welfare, and I’m married to the love of my life, James.  

I am a self proclaimed “beauty enthusiast” as they call it, some may call it obsessed:) I love the magic of makeup- the transformation and the art of it. I love waking up every day and experimenting & creating something entirely new! Makeup has captivated me for so long, I can’t even remember when the obsession began. 

My blog is dedicated to alllll things beauty, not just makeup. I kind of have a thing for skincare to, so you’ll see lots of that. I’m into all types of makeup, from Wet n Wild to CHANEL. If it’s a good product and suits my tastes, I’ll use it. I no snob but I’m not against a splurge either!

Talk to me! This blog isn’t meant to be a one sided convo! I would love hear all of your thoughts/suggestions/ etc! Seriously!

 I have a Youtube channel that is dedicated to beauty as well! The link is in the right corner and will take you right to it!

Disclaimer: This blog is written and edited exclusively by me. All the products and opinions featured here are of course my own and  were purchased by me with my own money, unless noted otherwise ( if a pr sample is ever sent to me, you will know!) Sometimes I may link to where you can purchase products that I mention, and sometimes these links are affiliate links. That means if you are interested and buy the product through that link, I would get a small commission. It doesn’t cost you any more to purchase through an affiliate link, but it does help support the site! I encourage you to shop however you feel most comfortable:) 


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