Some Channel Love!

As most of you already know, I make beauty videos on my Youtube channel, and I love love love being a part of the Beauty Community:) I’d like to share you you all a few ( just a few, considering I am subscribed to 160 people on YT, I cannot share them all!!) These are a few people I have been loving watching lately and why! 



She is a mom and a beauty enthusiast! I love her approachable nature, she is the girlfriend you feel like you could just chat with that “gets it”, know what I mean? I love her voice too, with her southern accent! I think her beauty is really unique, and she also has a fabulous blog, that she is soooo much better at updating than mine! (Her YT channel is linked through her name above)

Next, who I can’t stop watching is Sethakin7


Seth is such a class-act. He has exceptional taste, and I sort of indulge in his videos because he buys such exquisite makeup and skincare. I love to listen to him explain products because he helps me see subtle qualities in products that I may otherwise have missed. He is always who I turn to hear about new high-end products and get honest feedback about them, although he can be bad for my wallet!

Lastly, is Mary from aLoveTart


Mary is one of my of my all-time favorites! She frequently puts out “Face of the Day” videos, my favorite video type that she puts out. She’s my style in the way that she experiments with different colors, techniques etc, but she never looks overdone, her looks are always wearable and thoughtful.

She also has amazing tips for nails! If you are a nail polish fan, she is your girl! I envy her nails and her dedication to them, they are beautiful..sigh.. 🙂

I hope you check these channels out! Tell them I sent you if you do:)


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