Product Rave: Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind- Brightener

I have been a quest for a holy grail under eye concealer for…dare I say it, 15 years?  I have tried so. many. products claiming to erase dark circles, and mostly I ended up with gray under eyes, orange under eyes, or just cakey madness with a white half moons under my eyes. 

It’s taken me a long time to understand what works for me and my skin tone, and that, for me, is pink with a violet undertone. I have cool toned skin that leans pink, and most of the time I wear yellow based powders and such to counteract my tone and get it more neutral. I had always figured that I should do the same with my concealer, go yellow- based and use the salmon more corrector type shades.

Until…my friend Melissa recommended a Radiant pen liquid concealer called Dream Lumi from Maybelline. The pink brightens and brings light to the under eye, its amazing. I thought I was done searching, and then I found this- Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in the shade- Brightener. Essentially its the same concept as my Dream Lumi pen, but you get 4x more product ( for a 1$ more). I know I like the formula, so I gave it a shot. 

My goodness. I could never be without it. It’s thin, easy to blend into the skin, doesn’t cake, doesn’t crease, stays put, brightens my under eyes in one step and its $8.99. 🙂 

As if all that wasn’t news enough for cheering, it also has a de-puffing agent and antioxidants that are an actual treatment for my undereye circle to diminsh them over time and smooth fine lines.

I love the ease of only having to use one product, I love being able to rely on it even when my circles are bad, I love the price, I love everything about it. I had to share this with you all, I made a video about it today which I will link below. 

Also, FYI, it comes in a variety of regular concealer type shades, a brightener and a neutralizer. So depending on your skin tone, you should be able to find a shade that will work. I highly recommend trying one of these out! Let me know if you do!

Here is a link to my YT video rave about it:


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