What’s on My Bedside Table?

As a beauty blogger, vlogger and makeup/beauty junkie, I tend to get a lot of questions about what I use- skincare comes up alot.

While I am no skincare expert, I do try many, many products, and over the years have widdled my staples list down to a dependable collection that I know helps keep my skin looking well cared for.

My bedside table is a big part of my beauty ritual. Every night- ( I’m serious, every night, no matter what) I do my nighttime beauty routine, and it is one of my absolute favorite things to do. It’s such a calming and indulgent ritual, to have your potions and elixers next to your bedside, light your candle and start the process. I love it. This is one of my favorite parts of being a woman.

This whole post is dedicated to my bedside table- so all the things I use nearly every night. I think it’s fun to see a little glimpse into what another woman uses routinely every night- I hope you enjoy!

First, here is an overview of my table. I always keep water nearby, my B&BW Autumn candle, and matches. The small mirrored jewelry box is where I keep my jewelry if I’m too lazy to properly store it where it belongs in the next room. You know how it is:) I also keep a piece of coral that my husband and I found on the beach in Kuaui on our honeymoon, and another small votive.

On my tray I keep my eye cream, serum, retinol, face oil, night cream, hair treatment oil, beauty elixer, lip balm, hand cream and sleeping mask.

I use Tarte’s Maracuja Oil as an additional step when my skin is feeling extra dry. I put in on before my moisturizer, when I use it. My sweet friend Sarai sent this to me as a gift:) It’s so beautiful and I love to look at the deep purple glass bottle especially when my candle is lit. *magical*

I’ve also been using the Pequi Oil Treatment for my hair at night if it’s feeling a little dry, which it basically always is. I got this in my..ipsy bag? Glossybox? One of the two, I find the size really useful and I’ve been liking having that as an extra quick step for my hair at night.

Ahhh, Cauadalie. My Beauty Elixer is one of my most opulent stages of my routine. I use this after I cleanse and it’s the first step in my process. I have come to truly love the aromatheraputic quality of it- it’s so refreshing and calming to me at the same time.

Recently I switched my Roc Retinol cream for this Neutrogena Deep Wrinkle Repair serum- it’s a retinol serum basically. This is my second step, I use this most nights, unless I use my Caudalie Vinexpert Serum pictured below..

I’m normally a die-hard fan of the Yes to Carrots Nourishing night cream, but my Walgreens was out when I went last time, and I had to pick up my second favorite this time around, the Olay Regenerist Night Cream. It’s very rich and moisturizing, I feel that it smoothes my skin as well, it’s a lovely cream.

My holy grail eye cream ( as of this post- hey, I’m a product-aholic, I always keep looking! ) is the Clinique Repairwear Intensive eyecream. My eyes drink this up. I discovered it during Sample September and I’m so happy I found it! I do feel that it has improved the condition of my eyes, it’s rich and not tooo pricey.

My overnight balm is ToykoMilk’s Sweet cream lipbalm

My last step is to use my Crabtree & Evelyn handcreme, and put on my sleeping mask! After that it’s goodnight:) I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my night routine! If you have one, tell me about it, I love to hear what other ladies are using.

If you don’t have a bedtime routine, I encourage you to create one! Take a few minutes before bed to pamper yourself and care for your skin- you deserve it and I promise you you’ll grow to love those few minutes spent on you at the end of each day:)


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