Toyko Milk Dark!

I spent part of the afternoon today at my favorite local shop, Dwelling, and they had a new display of all the Tokyo Milk Dark Fate & Fortune range recently released!

Although the packaging in the dark collection is well, darker, than their normal brown and glass bottles with flowers, I found the scents to be loftier and much softer overall. The names of the scents are curious, Destiny, Chance, Wisdom, Truth, Yesterday and Tomorrow.

After smelling all of them and putting on waaayy too much hand cream, I decided that Tokyo Milk Dark Destiny
is my favorite.

Tokyo Milk describes it as: 

Destiny: deftly weaving a tangle of courses.

Fragrance Notes – Fresh Cut Ginger, Honeysuckle, Davana, Midnight Jasmine

 Provocatively perfumed. The alchemy of allure. Botanical extracts unearthed, crushed then distilled into this remarkably uncommon sensory experience.

I believe that this collection is mainly sold in speciality shops, but Sephora does have a few things and so does Amazon, etc, as well as their website. I highly suggest smelling this range is you ever have the opportunity, it’s so unique and well-crafted. Have you ever smelled Tokyo Milk? What’s your favorite?


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