Some Channel Love!

As most of you already know, I make beauty videos on my Youtube channel, and I love love love being a part of the Beauty Community:) I’d like to share you you all a few ( just a few, considering I am subscribed to 160 people on YT, I cannot share them all!!) These are a few people I have been loving watching lately and why! 



She is a mom and a beauty enthusiast! I love her approachable nature, she is the girlfriend you feel like you could just chat with that “gets it”, know what I mean? I love her voice too, with her southern accent! I think her beauty is really unique, and she also has a fabulous blog, that she is soooo much better at updating than mine! (Her YT channel is linked through her name above)

Next, who I can’t stop watching is Sethakin7


Seth is such a class-act. He has exceptional taste, and I sort of indulge in his videos because he buys such exquisite makeup and skincare. I love to listen to him explain products because he helps me see subtle qualities in products that I may otherwise have missed. He is always who I turn to hear about new high-end products and get honest feedback about them, although he can be bad for my wallet!

Lastly, is Mary from aLoveTart


Mary is one of my of my all-time favorites! She frequently puts out “Face of the Day” videos, my favorite video type that she puts out. She’s my style in the way that she experiments with different colors, techniques etc, but she never looks overdone, her looks are always wearable and thoughtful.

She also has amazing tips for nails! If you are a nail polish fan, she is your girl! I envy her nails and her dedication to them, they are beautiful..sigh.. 🙂

I hope you check these channels out! Tell them I sent you if you do:)


My May Favorites!


My Favorites this month have been:

Morrocan Oil Hair Treatment
Chanel Bronze Universal Cream Bronzer + Kabuki Brush- I showed an Eco Tools one
Chanel Joues Contraste Blush- Rose Bronze
Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush – Rose- I showed a Crown Blush brush
Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer #5
Illamasqua Powder Blush – Intrigue- I showed an Elf Blush Brush
Shiseido Brow Pencil- Deep Brown
Fresh Minerals Waterproof Lipliner -801 Pink
Chanel Levres Scintillantes – #437 Eden- from their Summer 2012 Collection

Tell me about some beauty products you have been loving below!

Watch my video here!


Hi all! How are you? I’m sure you’re thinking, where have you been Emily?

Well, the truth is, this Christmas, we found out…we are pregnant!

It came as a happy surprise ( kind of surprise, but not really a surprise:) and we are thrilled, BUT my beauty habits, including this blog, have definately been on the back burner:(

Here’s the good news: I am now officially 3 months, and entering my 2nd trimester, which means the major symptom Ive had, exhaustion,

is letting up and I’m getting my energy back! So I will be able to get back into my blog and all the beauty things I love. I will probably post a bit regarding the beauty products

that are new to me bc of pregnancy, too. 

Thank you all for understanding my absense Muah!

Product Rave: Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind- Brightener

I have been a quest for a holy grail under eye concealer for…dare I say it, 15 years?  I have tried so. many. products claiming to erase dark circles, and mostly I ended up with gray under eyes, orange under eyes, or just cakey madness with a white half moons under my eyes. 

It’s taken me a long time to understand what works for me and my skin tone, and that, for me, is pink with a violet undertone. I have cool toned skin that leans pink, and most of the time I wear yellow based powders and such to counteract my tone and get it more neutral. I had always figured that I should do the same with my concealer, go yellow- based and use the salmon more corrector type shades.

Until…my friend Melissa recommended a Radiant pen liquid concealer called Dream Lumi from Maybelline. The pink brightens and brings light to the under eye, its amazing. I thought I was done searching, and then I found this- Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in the shade- Brightener. Essentially its the same concept as my Dream Lumi pen, but you get 4x more product ( for a 1$ more). I know I like the formula, so I gave it a shot. 

My goodness. I could never be without it. It’s thin, easy to blend into the skin, doesn’t cake, doesn’t crease, stays put, brightens my under eyes in one step and its $8.99. 🙂 

As if all that wasn’t news enough for cheering, it also has a de-puffing agent and antioxidants that are an actual treatment for my undereye circle to diminsh them over time and smooth fine lines.

I love the ease of only having to use one product, I love being able to rely on it even when my circles are bad, I love the price, I love everything about it. I had to share this with you all, I made a video about it today which I will link below. 

Also, FYI, it comes in a variety of regular concealer type shades, a brightener and a neutralizer. So depending on your skin tone, you should be able to find a shade that will work. I highly recommend trying one of these out! Let me know if you do!

Here is a link to my YT video rave about it:

Chanel Notorious Sculpting Veil Review & Swatches

I love to contour. I remember when I first learned how to do it, or that you even could, it was like the clouds opened up above me. It changed everything:) I normally use matte bronzers for contouring, and have never purchased any specific contouring powder or cream.  When I saw that Chanel had put out this sculpting “veil” as part of their Seasonal Collection, I was surprised, impressed, and intrigued. A gray powder?

The idea is that you use the sculpting veil to sculpt your face and give the illusion of deeper shadows along your jawline, cheekbones, and even eye socketlines. The deeper the shadows, (or the illusion of them ) the more chiseled your face looks. Aka you look thinner, and your face’s natural features are accentuated.

It comes with a natural hair brush and in a black velvet pouch.

The powder itself is a satin finish, is gray in colour, wth slight purple undertones.

I find that even the slightest amount into the deepest part of my existing contour ( aka over bronzer)  really helps to deepen the shadow remarkably well.

The left is a lighter swatch, right is heavier. I’ve found it’s better to use a lighter hand on the face, on the jawline you can get away with a bit more of a heavier application.

Overall, I can rate this product very highly. It’s limited edition, $42.00 for 4grams, and in my opinion well worth it. If you are a beauty enthusiast, or even a novice, I feel you could really get use out of this powder. It’s so unique on the market that I find it to be very special and I’m so glad I picked it up! See my review on my Youtube Channel here:

What’s on My Bedside Table?

As a beauty blogger, vlogger and makeup/beauty junkie, I tend to get a lot of questions about what I use- skincare comes up alot.

While I am no skincare expert, I do try many, many products, and over the years have widdled my staples list down to a dependable collection that I know helps keep my skin looking well cared for.

My bedside table is a big part of my beauty ritual. Every night- ( I’m serious, every night, no matter what) I do my nighttime beauty routine, and it is one of my absolute favorite things to do. It’s such a calming and indulgent ritual, to have your potions and elixers next to your bedside, light your candle and start the process. I love it. This is one of my favorite parts of being a woman.

This whole post is dedicated to my bedside table- so all the things I use nearly every night. I think it’s fun to see a little glimpse into what another woman uses routinely every night- I hope you enjoy!

First, here is an overview of my table. I always keep water nearby, my B&BW Autumn candle, and matches. The small mirrored jewelry box is where I keep my jewelry if I’m too lazy to properly store it where it belongs in the next room. You know how it is:) I also keep a piece of coral that my husband and I found on the beach in Kuaui on our honeymoon, and another small votive.

On my tray I keep my eye cream, serum, retinol, face oil, night cream, hair treatment oil, beauty elixer, lip balm, hand cream and sleeping mask.

I use Tarte’s Maracuja Oil as an additional step when my skin is feeling extra dry. I put in on before my moisturizer, when I use it. My sweet friend Sarai sent this to me as a gift:) It’s so beautiful and I love to look at the deep purple glass bottle especially when my candle is lit. *magical*

I’ve also been using the Pequi Oil Treatment for my hair at night if it’s feeling a little dry, which it basically always is. I got this in my..ipsy bag? Glossybox? One of the two, I find the size really useful and I’ve been liking having that as an extra quick step for my hair at night.

Ahhh, Cauadalie. My Beauty Elixer is one of my most opulent stages of my routine. I use this after I cleanse and it’s the first step in my process. I have come to truly love the aromatheraputic quality of it- it’s so refreshing and calming to me at the same time.

Recently I switched my Roc Retinol cream for this Neutrogena Deep Wrinkle Repair serum- it’s a retinol serum basically. This is my second step, I use this most nights, unless I use my Caudalie Vinexpert Serum pictured below..

I’m normally a die-hard fan of the Yes to Carrots Nourishing night cream, but my Walgreens was out when I went last time, and I had to pick up my second favorite this time around, the Olay Regenerist Night Cream. It’s very rich and moisturizing, I feel that it smoothes my skin as well, it’s a lovely cream.

My holy grail eye cream ( as of this post- hey, I’m a product-aholic, I always keep looking! ) is the Clinique Repairwear Intensive eyecream. My eyes drink this up. I discovered it during Sample September and I’m so happy I found it! I do feel that it has improved the condition of my eyes, it’s rich and not tooo pricey.

My overnight balm is ToykoMilk’s Sweet cream lipbalm

My last step is to use my Crabtree & Evelyn handcreme, and put on my sleeping mask! After that it’s goodnight:) I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my night routine! If you have one, tell me about it, I love to hear what other ladies are using.

If you don’t have a bedtime routine, I encourage you to create one! Take a few minutes before bed to pamper yourself and care for your skin- you deserve it and I promise you you’ll grow to love those few minutes spent on you at the end of each day:)

Toyko Milk Dark!

I spent part of the afternoon today at my favorite local shop, Dwelling, and they had a new display of all the Tokyo Milk Dark Fate & Fortune range recently released!

Although the packaging in the dark collection is well, darker, than their normal brown and glass bottles with flowers, I found the scents to be loftier and much softer overall. The names of the scents are curious, Destiny, Chance, Wisdom, Truth, Yesterday and Tomorrow.

After smelling all of them and putting on waaayy too much hand cream, I decided that Tokyo Milk Dark Destiny
is my favorite.

Tokyo Milk describes it as: 

Destiny: deftly weaving a tangle of courses.

Fragrance Notes – Fresh Cut Ginger, Honeysuckle, Davana, Midnight Jasmine

 Provocatively perfumed. The alchemy of allure. Botanical extracts unearthed, crushed then distilled into this remarkably uncommon sensory experience.

I believe that this collection is mainly sold in speciality shops, but Sephora does have a few things and so does Amazon, etc, as well as their website. I highly suggest smelling this range is you ever have the opportunity, it’s so unique and well-crafted. Have you ever smelled Tokyo Milk? What’s your favorite?

Nail Picks for Fall!

Ah, Fall. The air gets crisper, the leaves turn, and my nails get a makeover! I love this time of year because things turn dusty, metallic, muted and warm. After a lot of staring at my polish collection making mental notes for weeks, I selected the colors I am most excited about wearing this Autumn. Without further ado.. My left hand!

On my thumb I have Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Color, Firm Fig
, a gorgeous grapey-fushia. This is the Hard as nails formula, and what I like most about this color is not only the color, but the formula is high shine and opacity in one coat- love it.

Next up is Wet n Wild MegaLast Nail Color 206C Undercover
. This shade is a beautiful dusty rose- a classic color that I am really, really in love with right now. This shade was in my favorites in September:)

My poorly-painted middle  finger is Rimmel Lasting Finish Steel Grey
. This is a gorgeous purple grey color- it’s in my top five favorites of all time. Love it. 

OOOh-wee! My ring finger isLA GIRL Glitter Addict Polish – Flash
I find this glitter unique, I don’t see orange-coppers often, especially since rose gold coppers have become so popular. This glitter has varying sizes and really covers the nail well without becoming too thick. I hate that i/2 inch thick nail that comes with glitter and topcoat, this doesn’t do that and the color is to die for. At night in candlelight- this looks like jewelry on your nails. I’m not kidding. Diamonds.

Last on the left hand is L’oreal’s The Perfect Trench
. This came out with the London collection and is also pretty unique for a polish. It’s a creamy yellow that almost pulls a little Chartreuse. I always get compliments ( or at least comments! ) when I wear this color.

On my right hand I grouped my darker and more metallic jewel toned shades.

Here I have Essie’s Midnight Cami
on my pinky. It looks here almost black, but in different light you can really see the royal blue deep violet colors. I like how dark this is without actually wearing black, and this coat. Yeah. With a dark polish, being able to do only one coat seriously eliminates the chances of dark blue cuticles and other polish mishaps. 

On my ring ringer is e.l.f. ‘s Metal Madness
. This is a great polish for being so inexpensive! When Chanel’s Black Pearl came out, I searched for a dupe and came up with this. It’s a blue grey metallic with silver micro shimmer- gorgeous. I find this to be really sophisticated and glamourous, I always feel “polished” when I’m wearing this manicure. Pun intended.

My middle finger is Butter London’s Wallis
.  Green is my favorite color, and this is my favorite green polish hands down. It’s a mossy green with both black and gold micro shimmer, so the color ends up really dimensional, and in some light this looks like it has some copper duo chrome to it. It’s a fall classic!

Oooh my duo-chrome obsession continues with Maybelline’s new Downtown Brown. It’s a brown purple teal-green and I’m obsessed with it. It’s limited edition so if you like it, I’d make it happen sooner than later!

Last on my thumb is Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Burgundy Flirt
, a deep crimson. It reminds me of snow white for some reason..that deep almost blood red is so classic. This formula needs a few coats, but it gives a jelly like high shine that I really like:)

So here’s the round up! I hope you found something you like! Let me know what your favorite shades for Fall are!


YSL Glossy Stain – Rose Tempera

How sweet, right? The Glossy Stains were created by magic to turn me into a lady! (I think it worked)

TheYSL Glossy Stain in Rose Tempera
Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain 7 Corail Aquatique 0.20 oz

I’ve been coveting in now mine to enjoy. I selected Rose Tempera, a  blue based medium pink. The shade selection of this range made it tough for me to choose, there are so many beautiful colors, including nudes with are tough to stain. I figured I’d choose a classic that I’d get the most use out of considering the price (32.00)

Initial Packaging

The Stain packaging

One thing I will say is that the packaging slightly under-whelmed me. I would have imagined a YSL lippy to have glass or metal packaging, not plastic. Especially considering the bottom portion is like a jar, or a pot of stain, the plastic threw me. While the plastic is sturdy and the gold cap is lovely, it lacks the telltale weight of a luxury lip product. I suppose on the “formal ranking” scale, a stain is below a lipstick in terms of fussiness, but barely, barely. I think the packaging cheapens it slightly, but ah, well! It’s still a YSL lip stain! Get a grip Emily!

The applicator is fairly typical. It’s a more angular (wider) doe foot applicator. I have an easy time with these, and I think they distribute product well and evenly. The actual formula is thicker than a gloss, it seems more like a liquid lipstick. It smells of rose, which some may not like, but I personally love. I like my luxury products to be a complete experience ( look beautiful, smell beautiful, excellent quality and exceptional color )

Rose Tempera -With Flash

Rose Tempera- Without Flash

The color is beautiful- exactly how I excepted it from ordering online. It’s creamy and rich, with still being light and bubbly because of the pink. It’s a sweet, effervescent pink. These swatches were with one swipe, although this formula is very buildable. I can get quite a deep and opaque color that has lots of shine and lasts. This formula gives you what I like to call “magazine lips”, where the model has the big, perfect, seamless &  glossy pink lips that have clearly been photoshopped. This is as good as it gets for us, ladies. My lips were leading the way all day wearing this. The color did not feather, it did not fade, it didn’t budge. As with any stain, it deepened in shade slightly through the day, but I was fine with that. For a stain/ gloss, this was surprisingly light and comfortable, I am really impressed.

Overall, I’m really happy with these. The formula itself is unmatched in the industry right now, in my opinion. I have yet to find such a creamy, light & comfortable, glossy stain that really lasts, in colors that I want my lips to be. YSL, you nailed it!